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We Have a Proven Track Record of Tooth Extractions

Gentle Family Dentistry has plenty of experience performing tooth-saving procedures, such as cavity treatments and root canals. And while we have a proven track record, sometimes a tooth extraction is needed. Asheville, NC patients can rely on our dentist, Dr. Bowman-Hensley, to provide compassionate care in these trying circumstances. We understand losing a tooth is a stressful event. However, once we remove the infected or damaged teeth, there are numerous restorative options available to us – including partial dentures, crowns, or bridges.

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When Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

Many factors force our team to remove a tooth. While some are avoidable with regular dental checkups and preventative dentistry, some aren’t. The common thread is our ability to treat each patient’s unique circumstances effectively. Tooth extraction can deliver immediate relief to patients suffering from intense and constant tooth pain. Some of the most common reasons for extracting a tooth are these below.


We can sometimes repair or re-insert partially knocked-out, chipped, or cracked teeth. However, when we can't, we'll remove the tooth. We offer several cosmetic dentistry solutions to replace the extracted tooth if you don't want to move forward with a missing tooth.

Oral Pain

Pain is always a symptom of an underlying oral issue. For example, you might have an abscessed tooth. If a root canal or some other method is out of the question, we might have to remove the tooth to relieve the pain.

Damaged Teeth

If we’re unable to repair a damaged tooth, we have to remove it to avoid spreading the issue to other teeth. For instance, if bacteria permanently ruined the tissues and pulp in your teeth, we must remove the tooth.

Don’t Wait to Relieve Tooth Pain; Call Us Today

In the rare case that our office cannot handle your situation, we will refer you to one of our trusted oral surgery partners. We can follow up and provide any subsequent treatments to ensure you receive the follow-up care you’d come to expect from our professional team. If you’re experiencing dental pain, don’t wait to seek treatment. The longer you wait to address the problem, the more risk you assume. Our experience, expertise, and commitment to continuing education make us an invaluable resource to patients desperate to resolve their pain.

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