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We Offer Top-Notch Family Dentistry

Dr. Barbara Bowman-Hensley isn’t the only highly qualified and committed dental professional in the office. Our staff plays a vital role in our patients’ oral health. From the front office staff to the dental assistant, each team member carries out her responsibilities with dedication and professionalism. When you arrive at Gentle Family Dentistry, our front office staff greets you with a smile and ensures you feel comfortable. Given that many of our patients feel uncomfortable or even afraid of visiting the dentist, their role is essential. From there our dentist and dental assistants work hard to clean their patients’ teeth. For high-quality family dentistry in Asheville, NC, you can trust our team!



Business Manager

Rebecca is our business manager—a Jill of all trades! She works together with patients and specialists to coordinate care and ensure each patient’s needs are specifically met with the highest level of attention. As well as scheduling appointments, she assists patients in understanding their insurance benefits and in making plans of action to get treatment underway.

Rebecca has lived in two continents, two countries, and four major cities! She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English in 2017 and spent her first year after college at a publishing company in Florida. She missed the Blue Ridge Mountains, though, and decided to return home. Rebecca contributes diligent, patient-focused skills to our practice. Her efficient and organized work style makes patients’ visits both effortless and convenient. In her spare time she enjoys camping, reading, and baking.



Insurance Coordinator

Cheryl is our insurance and patient care coordinator. She offers valuable insight into the specifics of each patient’s insurance policy to ensure each one maximizes what he or she is paying for. Sometimes you may see Cheryl in the clinical setting, using her many years of hands-on dental experience to offer assistance where needed.

Cheryl was born in Charlotte, NC, but raised all over the United States and Germany while her father was in the USAF. She also lived in many states over 25 years as the spouse of a military serviceman. She has two children and two beautiful granddaughters. She moved to the Asheville area from Tennessee with her beloved Golden Retriever Maggie.


Dental Assistant

Emily is the newest addition to our practice, and in the year she’s been here she has proven to be an incredibly talented member of our team. Her thorough education in Dental Assisting provides her with fresh insights and passion to share with the rest of our team. Emily’s energy and positive attitude are contagious, and she thrives on making a difference in others’ lives. She has wanted to be in the dental field all her life and is excited to now be living out her dream.

When she’s not here caring for patients, Emily loves to spend time with her family.



Dental Assistant

Azure joined our practice as a Dental Assistant in the summer of 2020 and possesses an enthusiastic, detail-oriented work ethic. Her desire to care for others and her fantastic interpersonal skills are wonderful assets to us! Azure is a favorite among our energetic, younger patients. She completed additional dental courses in two key areas since joining our team and has quickly integrated these skills into our practice.

Azure loves to barrel race her horse Silver and has three adorable family dogs.

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