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Dental Services
in Asheville, NC

COVID-19 Protocols & Patient Safety

We are committed to keeping our patients safe while maintaining their dental health.  Our staff are fully gowned in PPE during all patient interactions, and we have several Molekule air purifiers throughout the practice to trap and kill any bacteria.  All surfaces are disinfected with CDC-approved cleaners after patient contact and again at the end of each business day.  Patients are asked to complete a pre-screening questionnaire, have their temperatures taken, use hand sanitizer upon arrival, and rinse with a mouthwash before beginning any procedure; this process is guaranteed by the Penn State College of Medicine to inactivate greater than 99.9% of virus after only 30 seconds of contact time.

Trust Us for Highly-Qualified Dental Services

At Gentle Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on compassionate dental services. Our Asheville and Western, NC patients trust us to provide them with critical dental care ranging from semi-annual dental cleanings to extractions and emergency dentistry. Our years of experience allow us to deliver these services effectively. We’re proud to create healthier smiles throughout our community, and we can’t wait to treat you.

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Do You Fear the Dentist?

We’ll Set You At Ease.

In a study performed by DentaVox, 61% of respondents suffer from dental fear. In many cases, these fears prevent them from seeking treatment. However, Gentle Family Dentistry doesn’t want your fees to keep you from visiting our office. We’ve created a caring, compassionate, and calm environment at our practice. More importantly, we offer sedation dentistry, which allows our dentist and hygienists to do essential work, so you feel at ease in our chair.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our team wants to provide all the dentistry our patients require to smile brightly, eliminate tooth pain, and avoid cavities. We specialize in cosmetic and preventative dentistry, and our dental team handles extractions and emergency treatment. Regardless of your needs, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to treat and remedy whatever ails you. Dental health is far too crucial to leave to chance or ignore. So, whether you merely require a regular checkup or you’ve lost one of your teeth, you can rely on us for the help you need.

Caring and Compassionate Dental Care

At Gentle Family Dentistry, we place a premium on patient comfort and health. Your comfort means everything to us, and it begins the moment you enter our doors. Our front office makes you feel at home before our dental hygienists and dentist set to work, improving your smile. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and treating you for years to come!

We Provide Personalized,
Comfort-Driven Dentistry


We Provide Essential Oral Cancer Screenings

I couldn’t wait to perform oral cancer screens from dental school training until I started my practice.

Many of you may never realize we do this service here, but it is our standard of care to do this annually in every patient.  For patients with a history of head or neck cancer, we do a screening every visit.  In this particular examination, we look for any lumps, bumps, and skin or mucosal changes for variance in shape, size, or color. We also make notes of all standard anatomic features, both inside and outside the mouth, that give us a baseline for future reference.

In February 2020, this lifesaving examination became very personal.  My beloved husband brought to my attention a small sore inside his nose that would not heal.  He thought it was a nasal infection.  His mustache of 40+ years had hidden it from view, but upon seeing it, I immediately knew it was not good.  I noted an irritated area that extended to his upper lip, again hidden by his mustache. He reported that this had “felt off” a few months prior.  With our new 3D x-ray, I noted that the affected area had not seemed to perforate into the bony plate of the upper teeth, which was great!

I got him to a specialist for a biopsy, which came back as SCC, my first diagnosis, and the most common head/neck cancer.  I scheduled him the next day with Asheville Head, Neck, and Ear Surgeons.  He had an amazing outcome because of the early diagnosis and the skill of the surgeon! Please know that we are going the extra mile to look for these problems in our patients. Still, we encourage everyone who needs this to pay attention to any subtle changes.


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Gentle Family Dentistry

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